Media and Right Exaggerating Employment Census Claims

All weekend and probably all week-long you will hear the right and media make a claim that the unemployment numbers only bring good news because of the census. A New York Times writer said it was “the one thing people weren’t looking at.” Even though, that seems to be all we’ve heard about. Trust me, if anyone listens to or watches the news, they’ve heard this report ad nauseum.

The fact of the matter is, what they don’t mention is that the census numbers only account for 1/3 of the jobs. The rest of the jobs created; 123,000 private sector jobs. (This number does not include census workers!) During the 1st quarter of this year we had an average monthly gain of 54,000 jobs gained, another fact the media likes to ignore in their search for hyperbolic doom- and-gloom news.  Another overlooked factor, the  manufacturing sector has been making gains for 3 entire months, after losing them for 3 years.  This is not news to just shrug off, as some would like us to do. Now, I realize we have a LONG way to go. But the outrage at good news from the right, the pure exaggeration and nonchalant attitude towards these positive swings is a bit much. The reaction to the best jobs numbers in 3 years is quite disturbing.


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