Night Thoughts

Before I rest my head, I shall depart the night with a few lingering thoughts. Perhaps if I get them out now, they won’t bother me when I’m in bed. Right now my world revolves around finishing my undergrad degree and learning the art of writing. This blog will be the perfect platform for me to hone my and improve my skills. Other things that are utterly fascinating to me are in the realm of politics. Not that I am a political person; however, I think it is a bunch of horse shit. The rampant corruption that pervades the halls of Washington, local municipalities, and foreign alike are all fraught with a deep sickness. The citizens who allow these things to continue unchecked, or even with their full embrace aren’t much (if any) better. Support for the death penalty, support for war in general, support for NSA spying run amok, support for abusive regimes and militaries are all par for the course. The minds of the world’s inhabitants have been poisoned with a powerful arsenic; irreversible. We have become our own worst enemies, we have become cruel, we have become cold. People today lack empathy, a basic ability to understand our fellow human. People don’t even want to understand their fellow human. It’s one huge race to the bottom. Most people sip small, shallow drinks of reality in – without putting the smaller pieces together. In spite of our technological advances, we’re in a dark-age of sorts. People lack critical thinking skills and humanity. We haven’t evolved much in 2000 years and at times we have regressed immensely. We have hit a stumbling block. One ray of shining light is to know the dark-age didn’t last forever. It ended. The path we are on is unsustainable. It too will end. How it will look after it ends, I do not know, but I hope it’s a place of light.


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